Photogallery of allotments (and more)

Nature-home-housing in pictures

The international workshop Nature-home-housing: Negotiating urban space and its development, which took place on 31 October 2016 and was organised by Petr Gibas, Irena Boumová and Tomáš Samec, in pictures (by Tomáš Princ).

Zahrádky u nás - úvodní foto

Allotments started to appear in the Czech cities at the beginning of the 20th century. In Prague, we can thus still find allotments from the interwar period. Browse through photographs from the still existing Prague allotments, e.g. one of the oldest garden colonies struggling for survival on the Libeň Island as well as younger ones scattered around the capital of the Czech Republic.

Allotments abroad - introductory photo

Allotments are not to be found only in the Czech Republic (or Slovakia). Urban gardening and allotment gardens represent a European phenomenon with allotments in the cities all over Europe including northern countries. Browse through selected photographs of some of the allotments – from Slovakia, Germany, Poland, but also Sweden and Finland.