Archive research in the Institute of planning and development in Prague

We started with archive research. Thanks to helpful archivers in the archive of the Prague Institute of planning and development, we obtained number of sources related to planning of allotments, urban nature, and urban spaces in Prague in the second half of the 20th century. What awaits us before we can continue with our explorations in other archives is the analysis of the acquired materials. Our aim is to understand how representatives and planners approached allotments in the second half of the last century, how this approach changed in time and how these changes impacted on urban planning, urban plans and related studies as well as on the language used to officially talk about allotments and urban gardening.

Cut-out from the "detailed land-use plan of allotments", IPD 1957
Cut-out from a map from the proposal of the future situation of allotments in prague until 1985, IPD 1970
Cut-out from a map from a detailed plan for one garden colony in Prague, IPD 1963